World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! Share you love and joy and brighten someone else’s day!


Gratitude in your life

What you wake up to each and every day … that is what is important.  Worrying about what is not there will only get in the way of your happpiness!

I am so grateful for my life … my husband, my kids, my family, my friends, my home.  Everyone and everything that fills my heart with joy.  Pure joy.  Pure happiness.  Pure gratitude.

What are you grateful for?

Mind Clutter

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m sitting in the middle of a pile of junk mail and unfinished to do lists but this just really hit me today.  We store our brains with so much clutter that we lose focus on what is in the heart.   We need to take a few minutes every day to physically and mentally release all mind clutter and focus on the important things in life! 

Top 10 ways to survive your son’s adolescent years.

  1. Wine.  We will just start with this one.  It helps anything!
  2. Deodorant – for him, not you.  Make sure you do this for his teacher too.  She is the one that has to be stuck in a room with him after PE & recess.  And most classrooms are pretty warm – are you getting the picture yet?
  3. Be OK with mistakes.  Yours.  His.   Don’t expect perfection.  And let them learn from their mistakes.
  4. Patience.  Lots and lots.  And lots and lots.
  5.  Take time for yourself.  Regain your sanity.  Girls night out.  Long bubble baths.  Movie by yourself.
  6. Remember that your child, in some way, inherited your traits.  That personality – yep, some of it came from you.  You must own up to it!
  7. You were once a tween too.  (Sorry, mom! God, I was bad!)
  8. Realize that boy drama does exist.  If you are thinking that you are exempt from drama because you have a son, you are sadly mistaken.  It’s real.  It’s there every. single. day.
  9. Only keep healthy food in your house.  Keep in mind, they will eat you out of a paycheck.  But if you only have healthy food then it’s a win-win situation!  Ha, mind tricks!
  10. Oh yeah, did I mention wine?

Enjoy it now.  One day he will be walking in the front door and his voice will start to crack.  Then you will start to reflect back on life when it was “easy”!